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Ltd. "Druplat" works with the processing of various types of wood waste.

Dzintars Vītoliņš

+371 29221775


Radžu street 18, Riga, LV – 1057

Ltd. „Eco Baltia vide” provides the widest range of environmental management services – collection of household and sorted waste, management of used packaging, construction waste and bulky waste management, cleaning of premises and territories, and different seasonal services.

Armands Utināns

+371 29591806


Getliņu street 5, Rumbula, Ropazi municipality, LV – 2121

SIA "Econova Latvia" is engaged in research and experimental development in natural sciences and engineering, as well as production of plastic plates, sheets, pipes and profiles.

Ģirts Salmiņš

+371 25730069


Briviba street 59 – 17, Riga, LV – 1010

Hyrogas focus is on development of climate neutral energy technologies. Its aim is to roll out advanced thermochemical conversion technologies to turn any carbon containing waste into pure synthetic gas with plug-in ready solutions for combined heat and power, industrial steam, carbon dioxide utilization and storage and fuel cell quality hydrogen.

Agija Bistere

+371 29177046


Kokle street 27, Marupe, LV – 2167

Ltd. "Vidusdaugavas SPAAO" was registered in the Commercial Register on July 7, 2005. Until June 30, 2021, the shareholders of Ltd. "Vidusdaugavas SPAAO" were fifteen municipalities of the Vidusdaugava waste management region. The basic economic activity of Ltd. "Vidusdaugavas SPAAO" consists of ensuring the operation of the domestic waste landfill "Dziļā vāda", ensuring the operation of sorting and sorting transshipment stations and providing waste collection services.

Jānis Bisenieks

+371 29398567


“Dziļā vāda”, Mežāres pag., Jekabpils municipality, LV – 5226

Ltd. „Green Belt” is a Latvian company that cares for clean Latvia and responsible business activity by operating in two ways: Ltd. „Green Belt” organizes management of used packaging, disposable dishes and tableware, environmentally harmful products and electrical appliances thus providing an opportunity for our clients to obtain a 100% exemption from Natural Resources Tax as well as to ensure that waste generated by their economic activity is collected, recycled and goes into repeated circulation. Ltd. „Green Belt” organize environmentally educational activities.

Aija Caune

+371 29277035


Mūkusalas street 42A, Riga, LV – 1004

SIA ZAAO offers high quality waste management services in North Vidzeme Region including waste collection, sorting, transportation, recycling and disposal in an environmentally friendly way; it is also involved in educating and informing the community about waste issues.

Gunita Vizule

+371 29963228


Rīga street 32, Valmiera, LV – 4201

Ltd. "The Latvian Green Dot" (LGT) organises on-site recycling of packaging waste, electrical goods and environmentally hazardous products in accordance with a multi-year action plan approved by the Latvian Environmental Protection Fund. LGT was established on January 11, 2000 and it is the most experienced producer responsibility organisation in Latvia. Since its creation, LGT has taken care of the management of packaging waste. Since 2006, the LGT is also responsible for the management of worn out electrical equipment and goods harmful to the environment.

Laura Berga

+371 26524641


Maskava street 240-3, Riga, LV – 1063

Ltd. Clean R is an industry leader in Latvia, with more than 75 years of experience. The Ltd. Clean R group consists of 6 companies delivering more than 40 different environmental services to 50,000 clients around Latvia in such fields as waste management, property maintenance, cleaning and improvement of indoor and outdoor spaces, as well as cleaning of roads and public access areas.

Ilze Laicāne

+371 26299018


Vietalva street 5, Riga, LV-1009

Nordic Plast Ltd. is a recycling company that specializes in recycling LDPE film and hard plastic HDPE.

Kristīne Geidāne

+371 26848641


Aviacija street 18G, Jelgava, LV-3004


Green Liberty’s mission is to contribute to the development of a society where people live in harmony with each other and the environment. Green Liberty aims at raising awareness about social and environmental implications of current trends in consumerism, trade and globalization, empowering people to make meaningful decisions connected with their lives directly and indirectly and opposing abuses of power.

Agnese Marnica

+371 29448662


Lapu street 17, Riga, LV – 1002

CLEANTECH Latvia is a group of companies offering solutions for sustainable and smart cities, regions and industries. It provides studies, strategic planning, design and delivery of solutions and technologies for governments, municipalities and industries. Full-spectrum of public services for local, regional and national authorities. Water, waste, air and energy efficient solutions and technologies for industry.

Evija Pudāne

+371 29560650


Dzerbene street 27, Riga, LV – 1006

WMAL – the Waste Management Association of Latvia is a professional, voluntary, non-governmental organization, an independent and non–profit making association working in public interests and promoting professional waste management. The main objective – to facilitate improvement of the environmental condition and comprehensive quality waste management.

Dace Āriņa

+371 20250055


Kuršu street 9-2, Riga, LV – 1006

Main spheres of activity for association "Baltijas krasti":implementation of projects financed by the state and local governments, as well as by the European Union, are related to ecosystems and the services they provide; economic assessment of natural resources; biological diversity; climate and resource policy; coastal erosion and integrated coastal planning; support to policy makers for decision-making and social dialogue on environmental issues.

Aija Vanaga

+371 26435313


Kr. Barona street 31b-19, Riga, LV – 1011

Association "Zero Waste Latvija" (ZWL) is a group of activists who stand for a waste-free lifestyle and do it from the heart. ZWL members operate in various fields - both by cooperating with the government, waste managers and manufacturers in the development of various normative regulation, and by implementing the projects of their own initiatives. We are also happy to travel to tell our story, organize various master classes and invite others to join the fight against natural pollution and climate change.

Evija Ozola-Ozoliņa

+371 29926491


Ogļu street 28-1, Riga, LV-1048, Latvija

Latvian Construction Association is an independent public organisation comprised of twenty-five largest building contractors in Latvia, whose total turnover equals to around 300 million euros per year. The organisation’s goal is to facilitate a sustainable construction industry, based on safety, quality, long-term development and industry competitiveness. To achieve this goal, the Latvian Construction Association works hard to create and maintain the dialogue between the construction industry and the state of Latvia. The dialogue is to initiate positive changes that will contribute to achieving the defined goals.

Brigita Ķirule-Vīksne

+371 25422631


K.Ulmaņa gatve 119, Marupe, LV – 2167

FEE Latvia develops and implements diverse national-level environmental education activities and projects, closely cooperating with organizations and institutions interested in environmental protection and promoting cross-sector cooperation for sustainable development.

Sintija Graudiņa-Bombiza

+371 26827053


Lapu street 17, Riga, LV – 1002

Latvian Association of Waste Management Companies (LASUA, in Latvian) is a public organization established in April 1996 and operating under its Articles of Association. Currently there are more than 50 members in the Association who together cover almost 90% of the total Latvian market. Our members are professional companies engaged in management, collection, depositing, processing, handling, burying of household and hazardous waste and removal of industrial waste, and also providing for other utilities.

Gints Brunovskis

+371 26199068


Vietalva street 5, Riga, LV – 1009

Governmental institutions

The municipality of Cēsis ensures the execution of the decisions made by the council, the organizational and technical service of its work, as well as the provision of municipal services to the residents and other tasks specified in the municipal regulations.

Daina Tērauda

+371 25411696


Rauna street 4, Cesis, Cesis municipality, LV – 4101

The State Environmental Service is a direct administrative institution under the authority of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development. It monitors compliance with regulatory acts in the field of environmental protection, radiation safety and nuclear safety, as well as in the field of natural resource use.

Ilze Grīsle

+371 67084224


Rupniecibas street 23, Riga, LV – 1045

The State Construction Control Bureau is a state authority under the supervision of the Ministry of Economics the priorities of which are to perform state control of construction works, inspection and supervision of public and high risk buildings, organize appraisals of design and buildings, grant the rights of individual practice to construction experts to perform appraisals, as well as execute supervision of individual practices in the field of construction expertise.

Aija Vule

+371 67013311


K.Valdemara street 157, Riga, LV – 1013

Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development of the Republic of Latvia is responsible for implementing policy in three areas - environment protection, regional development as well as digital transformation. In the area of environmental protection the Ministry deals with the establishment of prerequisites and conditions for nature conservation, clean environment and ensures that natural resources are used effectively and in sustainable manner.

Alise Vecozola

+371 63007363


Latgale street 165, Riga, LV-1019

Scientific institutions

RTU is a modern internationally recognized university. It is the only polytechnic university in Latvia and the largest university in the country – it educates and trains almost 15 thousand students. RTU is focused on becoming a third generation university that not only provides high quality education, but also conducts advanced research and ensures innovation and technology transfer, practically implementing scientific discoveries.

Zane Derdonska

+371 29324450


Ķīpsalas street 6A, Riga, LV –1048