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About us

About the project

In order to reduce the generation of waste, ensure its more efficient management, it is necessary to implement the principles of the circular economy and the recovery of materials from the waste stream. In 2022 the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development together with 21 cooperation partners launched integrated project of the European Union's LIFE program “Waste To Resources Latvia - boosting regional sustainability and circularity” (LIFE Waste To Resources IP).

What is the purpose of the project?

LIFE Waste To Resources IP aims at implementing National Waste Management Plan of Latvia (2021 – 2028) (NWMP2028).

NWMP2028 aims to reduce the generation of waste and its landfilling by introducing measures to support material and goods circularity, and ultimately – reduce the environmental and carbon footprint of the economy, thus facilitating climate neutrality.

What will we do?

In order to improve waste management planning and fully implement the tasks defined in NWMP2028, the organizations involved in the project will implement measures within 4 thematic blocks:

1)    transition from waste to resources;

2)    better product cycles and product design;

3)    strengthening regional sustainability and waste and materials management;

4)    sustainable consumption and social innovations.

LIFE Waste To Resources IP objectives

Time of project implementation?

 From 1 November 2021 to 31 December 2028.

Project brochure